Literary Agents 101: Links and Resources

By Cecilia Lewis

Earlier this month, I discussed how to research literary agents. Today, I’d like to share several helpful links and resources about literary agents. This is not an all-inclusive list, of course, but should serve as a starting point for writers interested in querying and traditional publishing. I used many of these resources during my own querying process and have since recommended them to a number of clients who found them helpful.

What Is an Agent, and Why Do I Need One?

1. About Literary Agents on AgentQuery

2. What Do Literary Agents Do? by author/former agent Nathan Bransford

3. 10 Things to Know If You Publish Without an Agent by agent Janet Reid

4. Why Do You Need an Agent? and 5 Things to Know Before Getting an Agent by author Ava Jae

How to Choose an Agent

1. How to Choose an Agent by author Kaitlin Ward at YA Highway

2. How to Choose the Right Agent for YOU by author Ava Jae

3. Questions to Ask Before Signing with an Agent by Jessica Alvarez at Bookends Literary Agency

4. A Peach of an Agent by agent Sarah Davies

Author/Agent Relationships

1. Having an Agent Is Weird by author Hilary T. Smith

2. Discussions With an Agent by Jessica Alvarez at Bookends Literary Agency

3. When Should I Tell My Agent X by author/former agent Nathan Bransford

4. Let Your Agent Be the Bad Guy by agent Rachelle Gardner


Know a resource that should be on the list? Have a question about literary agents? Leave it in the comments below!

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This post is part of my Links and Resources series. Check back the last Tuesday of every month for more posts in this series, and follow the blog for all my new content about writing craft, the submission process, and more.

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