Manuscript Formatting 101: Links and Resources

By Cecilia Lewis

Earlier this month, I wrote about manuscript formatting standards and the importance of having a professional-looking manuscript. But standards can vary from house to house, and there isn’t only one “correct” format. What’s standard for the manuscripts that I see might be different in other areas of the industry. So, for this month’s Links and Resources post, I thought I’d share some additional posts on manuscript formatting so we can take a broader look at industry standards. 

Here are several posts about manuscript formatting that I’ve found to be fairly accurate and helpful:


  1. Formatting Your Manuscript by author/former agent Nathan Bransford
  2. How to Format a Manuscript by author/editor Cassandra Marshall
  3. JV-level Manuscript Prep by Carolrhoda Books
  4. Writing Basics: Formatting Your Manuscript for Submission by author Janice Hardy
  5. What Are the Guidelines for Formatting a Manuscript? at Writer’s Digest
  6. Proper Manuscript Format: Short Story by writer William Shunn
  7. Format Your Novel for Submission by editor Beth Hill
  8. Manuscript Format at the SFWA


  1. Live and Let Font, a post about which font to choose (and why you shouldn’t worry too much about it) by agent Jennifer Laughran
  2. Manuscript Preparation: What is the Recommended Font? at the Chicago Manual of Style Online
  3. The Great Debate: Italics or Underline? by author Janice Hardy
  4. Where Do You Put the Page Numbers? by agent Janet Reid
  5. A Kick in the Head(er) by author Kate Hart, about a mistake she made in her MS header

Know a resource that should be on the list? Have any questions about manuscript formatting? Let me know in the comments!

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