Reminder: Q&A #3 next week!

By Cecilia Lewis

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Reminder: The third installment of the Publishing Q&A series  will be next Saturday, December 5th. This is a monthly, interactive series that will allow authors to ask all of their writing and publishing questions and have them answered, in-depth, in a blog post.

I’ve noticed recently, both from my own experiences and speaking with other authors, that writers sometimes feel intimidated when speaking with publishing professionals and don’t always feel comfortable asking questions. It can be hard to approach a professional, whether online or in person, to ask them for clarification, help, or advice. My goal with this series is to encourage writers to ask their questions by giving them a designated time and space in which to do so. Additionally, answering questions on this platform allows me to give more in-depth answers than is possible on social media.

So how does it work? This week, I invite you to ask any/all of your writing and publishing questions to be answered in next Saturday’s post. You can leave your questions in the comments below or by using my contact form. Additionally, you can ask me on Twitter (@cecilialewis) using #pubqa so that I know questions are intended for the post. I will include your name/username in the post along with the question, unless you ask to remain anonymous. Please post your questions no later than midnight EST on Wednesday, December 2nd, so that I have time to compile the questions.  The finished Q&A post will go up at 11:00 am EST on December 5th. If you miss the deadline to submit questions, no worries; there will be another Q&A next month!

For this first installment, all questions will be answered by me, Cecilia Lewis. For new readers: I am an editor at a mid-sized publisher as well as an author with experience in both traditional and self-publishing, so I will accept questions on everything from writing craft to the submission process to self-publishing tips. I am also a freelance editor, so I will accept questions regarding freelance editorial services as well. If I can’t answer your question, I will attempt to direct you to a publishing pro who can.

In the future, some of the Q&A posts will feature other publishing professionals and guest authors! (And if you are a publishing professional or author who would be interested in hosting future Q&A posts, contact me here.) I will announce each guest a week in advance, so you’ll know if your questions are reaching the appropriate professional.

And that’s it! If you’re confused about how this works, feel free to ask in the comments. Otherwise, start submitting those questions, and I’ll see you next week!

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