Worldbuilding 101: Links and Resources

For this month’s links and resources post, I’d like to take a look at worldbuilding resources. Creating the world of your novel–regardless of what genre you write in–is one of the most challenging things writers must do. Luckily, there are a lot of great resources online that offer tips or assistance with the process.

Granted, not all of these resources will work for every writer. You may prefer to use other methods for worldbuilding. But  one or more of these tools might be useful to you. So, here are several worldbuilding articles and tools to look at:

Making Maps

  • This post from YA Highway discusses a number of different ways to make or design maps of your world, whether in a fantasy or contemporary setting.
  • This post shares a fun mapmaking technique if you prefer to draw it yourself.
  • Creating a Fictional Town by author Kathleen Peacock looks at the smaller-scale worldbuilding issues with constructing a fictional town or city.

Name Generators

  • The name generator at Behind the Name allows you to create both real-world names based on the etymology or different types of fantasy names. There are also options for names from history, mytholgy, literature, and more.
  • The site Fantasy Name Generator has dozens of different name generators (and, despite the name, has options for real-world names as well as fantasy).
  • I love the advanced interface option on this generator, which allows you to create names based on specific sounds or letters (so, for example, if you want a name starting with K or ending with Y, you can specify that).
  • This generator provides options for naming places and objects as well as characters.

Language and Alphabets

  • I love this post by author Juliette Wade on creating fictional alphabets or other writing systems.
  • The Language Construction Kit is a very thorough resource for creating a language and writing system from scratch.
  • This post provides a series of helpful tips on making your invented language for you, your publisher, and your readers.


What do you think? Know any links or resources I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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