The Submission Process 101: Links and Resources

Since I’ve been talking about the submission process and getting an offer recently, I thought for this month’s Links and Resources post I’d share some additional resources and posts about the process of going on submission to publishers. Submission is a nerve-wracking experience, but having a better understanding of it and knowing what to expect can be immensely helpful. So, here are several links and resources that I’ve found helpful:


  1. Creating a Submission List by agent Kate Testerman explains the process of deciding which editors to submit to, from an agent’s POV.
  2. Creating a Submission List by agent Jennifer Laughran is an another great post about curating a submission list.
  3. You can find numerous examples of pitch letters to editors on agent Kristin Nelson’s site here. 


  1. This post by author and former editor S. Jae-Jones describes the process of bringing a book to an editorial board.
  2. This post by editor Martha Mihalick describes the process from submission to acquisition.
  3. How Auctions Work by Karen Dionne is a helpful guide.
  4. This post is a helpful guide to agent/editor negotiations after an offer has been made.
  5. Anatomy of a Book Deal from BookEnds Literary is a great breakdown of what to expect from a deal.

Starting Over

  1. When Do Agents Give Up on a Project? by agent Natalie Lakosil
  2. What Happens When a Book Doesn’t Sell? by author Edan Lepucki


  1. What to Expect When You’re Submitting by author Natalie Whipple is a great look at submission from an author’s perspective.
  2. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being on Sub by writer Taryn Albright is a basic overview of the process.
  3. This is an important post from agent Jennifer Laughran on why you should avoid posting publicly about your submission process.
  4. This whole series of posts by various authors on Mindy McGinnis’s blog is an excellent resource and demonstrates just how varied different experiences can be.

Know any links or resources I missed? Have any questions about the submission process? Let me know in the comments!

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