Cliches 101: Links and Resources

Studying_Scott_AkermanSince writing a post about sentence-level cliches, I’ve been thinking about how much more there is to discuss when it comes to cliches, from avoiding problems with individual sentences to addressing much larger issues. So, for this month’s links and resources post, I thought I’d share some additional resources and topics regarding story cliches. (Note that some of these posts are a few years old, but I think they’re generally still applicable today.)


1. Archetype vs. Cliche by author and former agent Nathan Bransford

2. Stories That Are Overdone on Strange Horizons

3. Conquering Cliches–Or Using Them by author Janet Sumner Johnson

4. Subverting Your Writing on YA Highway

Specific Cliches:

1. Why Dream Sequences Rarely Work by author Hilary Smith

2. What Dreams Can and Can’t Do by author Matt Teel

3. Why Your Protagonist Shouldn’t Be the Chosen One by agent Kate Schafer Testerman

4. Making Romance Work by author Martha Mihalick

5. Kill This Character series by author Stephanie Sinkhorn

6. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Problem by author and former editor S. Jae-Jones

7. The 25 Most Overused Things in YA by author Joelle Anthony

What do you think? Have any additional resources to share? Let me know in the comments!


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