Genre 101: Links and Resources

typewriterEarlier this month, I talked about writing in multiple genres. I also have an updated genre glossary that provides a quick overview of many different genres. But there’s so much more to consider when it comes to genre, and so many other resources provide great breakdowns that might help you if you’re unsure about what genre your work is in. So, for this month’s links and resources post, here are some great resources about genre:

1. Genre Glossary by agent Jennifer Laughram

2. Genre Map by BookCountry

3. Genrefluent is a great list of children’s books by genre, to provide examples

4. Genre Fiction Rules by Writer’s Relief

5. A post on switching genres by agent Jessica Faust

6. An explanation of “high concept” by author and former agent Nathan Bransford

7. Breaking Down Genres by author Janice Hardy


And finally, here are some related resources from my own blog:

Fiction Genres Glossary

The Pros and Cons of Writing in Multiple Genres

Understanding Category vs. Genre

7 Tips for Writing YA


Have any great links or resources about genre to share? Leave them in the comments!


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