Call for Guest Contributors!

Looking ahead at my schedule for May and June, I’ve realized that between a book launch, travel, and other commitments, I won’t be able to post as frequently as I usually do. Rather than let the blog go dormant during that time, I’m hoping to find some guest contributors to provide new posts. I’ve reached out to a few author and editor friends, but I still have a few spots to fill, so I’m now open to receiving submissions. If you write blog posts about writing or publishing, or if you’ve always wanted to do so, now’s your chance to be featured on this blog!

I’m looking for posts that fit this blog—namely, anything about writing, editing, or publishing (including both traditional and self-publishing). Posts about the life of an author or self-promotion and marketing for writers are also acceptable. Note that I don’t post book reviews or other book-blog-related posts; I’m looking specifically for content on writing craft and publishing advice.

I’ve covered quite a few topics on this blog already, so take a look through the archives to make sure I haven’t already written on your topic. If you have a unique take on something I’ve written about or different tips from mine, you’re welcome to submit a post on that topic, but please make sure it’s not too similar to something I’ve already written.

Please also include a mini-bio (250 words or less) and links to any social media or website you have so that I can include it in the post!

If you’re interested in submitting, please do the following:

  • Use my contact form to submit your post. The first line should be GUEST POST SUBMISSION, in all caps. Copy and paste the whole post, along with your bio and social media links, into the message box on the contact form. (Most of the fields on my contact form, such as those asking about requested service and manuscript word count, are for people seeking my editorial services, so just ignore those).
  • Please submit between now and April 15th so that I have enough time to read, consider, format, and schedule posts.
  • Ideally, posts should be between 500-800 words, though I will consider other lengths for a truly exceptional piece.
  • Please use block formatting—no indents, single-spaced, double-space between paragraphs, plain text. I’ll take care of all the formatting for the blog if your post is chosen.
  • Unless I get an excessive number of submissions, I plan to respond to each one to let you know if I’ve chosen it for the blog! If I do select it, I will let you know which date the post will run.

Questions? Concerns? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for submitting your work!


3 thoughts on “Call for Guest Contributors!

  1. Ellie P. says:

    Hmm. Cecilia, I’ve posted (over the past year) a series of little reports on my blog, re my attempts to finish my book and find an agent or publisher. I’ve named them “Book Progress Report #1” up to #13. They’re all quite short (120-220 wds. approx.) I’m thinking maybe they’d be fun to read in a series, all in a self-contained post. What do you think? Thanks for considering!


      • Ellie P. says:

        I think so! Ok, I’ll copy/paste them into a single document for you to peruse. It’ll look kind of like a diary. First, though, supper calls! Although it’s only 4:30 – I skipped lunch, BAD me, so I’m starrrrving! Will work on this afterward, thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

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