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From the Archives: 5 Tips for Writing Supporting Characters

I’m on a writing deadline this week, so in lieu of a new post, I’d like to share this one from the archives for those who may not have seen it (or those who’d just like a refresher). This was originally posted June 9, 2016.

1280px-Stipula_fountain_penWriters typically spend a lot of time characterizing their protagonists. Which makes sense, as the protagonist is the character that the reader will spend the most time with. But it’s important to make sure that you’re not neglecting the characterization of your supporting cast, too. A good supporting cast can often elevate your book for readers, who will remember all of the characters they loved long after they’ve finished reading. Continue reading

Call for Guest Contributors!

Looking ahead at my schedule for May and June, I’ve realized that between a book launch, travel, and other commitments, I won’t be able to post as frequently as I usually do. Rather than let the blog go dormant during that time, I’m hoping to find some guest contributors to provide new posts. I’ve reached out to a few author and editor friends, but I still have a few spots to fill, so I’m now open to receiving submissions. If you write blog posts about writing or publishing, or if you’ve always wanted to do so, now’s your chance to be featured on this blog! Continue reading

Plot Tips and Tricks: Links and Resources

redpenI’ve been deep in the midst of revising a novel this month, and the process has, as always, made me think a lot about the structure and plot of my book. When stuck on a particular plot point or problem, I like to revisit some of my favorite posts on plotting tips and techniques. Sometimes one trick is all it takes to think about your book in a completely new way. Here are some of my favorite resources for plotting tips and techniques: Continue reading

Getting Attention with Your Manuscript

Studying_Scott_AkermanLast week, I wrote how to get attention with your query letter. But once you’ve written a great query letter that’s drawn the agent or editor’s attention, the next step is, of course, keeping their attention with the manuscript itself. So what it is that agents and editors look for when reading the first pages of a submission? In my experience reading the sub pile, here are elements that pull me in: Continue reading

From the Archive: 5 (More) Common Mistakes I See as an Editor

Due to technical difficulties, the new post I’d planned for today will have to be moved to next week. Instead, I hope you’ll enjoy revisiting this post from the archives!

redpenPreviously, I listed 7 common mistakes I see as an editor. Today, I’d like to follow up on that post with some additional mistakes I’ve seen recently. I’ve blogged about some of these issues before, and some I plan to discuss in more depth in the future. But here is a general overview of 5 (more) common mistakes I’ve seen: Continue reading