I offer editorial services for manuscripts, pitches, queries, and more. See below for a full list.

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Query Critique

Want to submit to agents or editors? You’ll need a query letter that is focused, sharp, full of voice, compelling, and unique. With my years of experience reading through slush piles, I can help you evaluate your query and gauge its readiness for submission. I’ll provide a thorough critique to make sure your query stands out … Continue reading Query Critique

Synopsis Critique

A synopsis is an important part of your submission package, as many agents and editors use them to evaluate the strength of a manuscript. Writing a synopsis can be challenging, as many writers struggle with condensing their story without making it sound unfocused or limp. I can help you write a focused, engaging, and comprehensive … Continue reading Synopsis Critique

Pitch Package

With this package, I’ll work with you on any pitches you’d like, whether it’s for a blog contest, twitter pitch, conference, or anything else. The best part? This is an unlimited package—I’ll work on as many pitches as you’d like. Self-publishing option: I’ll critique any marketing materials and/or jacket copy you require. Contact me for … Continue reading Pitch Package

Page Critique

This option is designed for writers who want to make sure their first pages are engaging enough to catch the attention of an agent or editor. I’ll help you brush up those first ten pages to make sure they’re ready for submission. This service is also suitable for evaluations of short stories and poetry. Rate: … Continue reading Page Critique

Full Submission Package

Want to make sure that all of your materials are ready for submission? Getting rejections, but not sure which materials need improvement? This package offers a critique of a 1-page query and 2-page synopsis, plus a thorough line-edit of the first 10 pages of your manuscript. Brief pitches (i.e. Twitter pitches) may also be included. … Continue reading Full Submission Package

Manuscript Evaluation

During my work as a reader for small presses and literary journals, I have written numerous evaluations of submissions that recommend manuscripts for acquisition and/or suggest where they might need work. With this option, I offer a 1-3 page evaluation of your full manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses to give you an indication of how an … Continue reading Manuscript Evaluation


This service provides a quick and thorough proofread to check for typos, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and other errors. This is not a full line edit or copyedit, but this service is designed for writers who want one more professional set of eyes on their work to ensure it’s ready for submission or publication. Rate: $5/1,000 … Continue reading Proofread

Line Edit

This service provides an intensive, prose-focused line-by-line edit that evaluates issues including sentence structure, word choice, word repetition, clarification, dialogue, consistency issues, voice breaks, verb tense, point of view issues, grammar, syntax, cadence, diction, missing words, etc. This edit does not include plot or characterization analysis. This step is crucial in ensuring that your manuscript features quality … Continue reading Line Edit

Developmental Edit

This service is an in-depth, content-based edit that focuses on issues like character development and motivation, plot, concept, structure, pacing, voice, and other major issues. This edit does not address prose issues, focusing instead on the biggest elements of your story. I will provide both an extensive editorial letter and in-line commentary on the manuscript. Rate: … Continue reading Developmental Edit

Full Service Package

The most comprehensive package, this service is a 3-round process that includes developmental editing, line editing, and proofreading. You’ll receive focused, in-depth attention on all aspects of your manuscript, and I will be available for discussion or questions throughout the project. This is a great option for writers who are self-publishing or who want additional … Continue reading Full Service Package

Partial Manuscript Evaluation

Want to pursue a great idea, but not sure how to continue? Stuck on the beginning? Blocked in the middle? Not sure how to reach the end? This evaluation offers a close read of your unfinished manuscript with a 2-5 page letter focusing on plot and concept, as well as guidance to help you outline … Continue reading Partial Manuscript Evaluation