“I would highly recommend Cecilia to anyone who’s looking to improve not only their query/synopsis/manuscript, but their overall writing skills. Her critique is constructive and gracious, and her edits encouraged me to dig deep into plotting issues and arrive at solutions that strengthened the story.”

Hema Penmetsa, MG writer

“[Cecilia] helped me immensely on constructing a top-level query letter! I thought I had the matter in hand until I had her critique the letter I sent out, and her adjustments proved monumental!  … I am thrilled to have found her and will be recommending her to everyone!”

Claire Fullerton, author of A Portal in Time, Dancing to an Irish Reel, and Mourning Dove

“Cecilia’s thoughts were fantastic, and she pointed out weaknesses that my tired eyes missed. My query is ten times stronger.”

Emily Layne, YA writer

“The critique is really helpful, and I love how Cecilia specifically pointed out everything that was confusing in the query. I’ve already made some revisions based on her suggestions.”

Alyssa Carlier, YA writer

“Cecilia gave great advice helping me plan/edit my novel at the very beginning stages. I would be happy to work with her again!”

Robin Dykema, romance author

“Cecilia is amazing! She has a sharp editorial eye and provides feedback in a constructive and professional way. She always delivers work on time and communicates promptly. Highly recommend.”

Hannah Dunn, author of the Immortal Love trilogy

“Cecilia Lewis has been a great help and I look forward to working with her again.”

J. Kevin Tartar, author of Berber’s Path (forthcoming)

“I found Cecilia very helpful and efficient. The work was carried out smoothly and on time. I count myself as fortunate that I found someone so helpful. I would recommend happily.”


Stephen Wright, author of Bird Song